Botox® as an Alternative Treatment for TMJ

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Whether you're dealing with TMD or tension headaches, it can be challenging to find an effective treatment option that works best for you. BOTOX is a popular injectable treatment that provides distinct functional and cosmetic benefits, including eliminating pain by preventing your muscles from contracting. At Personal Care Family Dentistry, we're proud to provide skilled BOTOX injections to help you achieve your health and aesthetic goals.

Our team of skilled professionals, led by Dr. Nick A Jazayeri, is specially trained on how to apply BOTOX to the head and neck area. Not only that, but we make it a breeze to schedule appointments so that you don't have to wait long for treatment. We look forward to meeting you and learning how we can adapt our BOTOX treatment to meet your unique needs. Call us today to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Jazayeri and his staff!


What is BOTOX?

BOTOX is a neurotoxin derived from bacteria, and by injecting it into the body, the substance can disrupt the nerve signaling process involved in muscle contraction. As such, this helps your muscles become less stiff and rigid, which has numerous health and cosmetic benefits. Our team will sit down with you to explain what BOTOX is and how it can aid you in more ways than one.

3 Benefits of BOTOX Treatment

If you're unsure whether BOTOX injections are right for you, there are various benefits you should first consider. From enhancing your natural beauty to providing almost immediate cosmetic and functional results, some of the benefits of BOTOX include the following:

  1. Minimally invasive: BOTOX treatment is minimally invasive and only takes a single appointment to experience results. By using a small needle, we'll inject BOTOX into specific treatment areas, including your forehead and lips, and have you in and out quickly.
  2. Near-immediate results: Typically, once you get your BOTOX injections, you can expect to see results as early as three to four days following your procedure. Although you may experience light bleeding, you can resume normal activities like work and exercise almost immediately.
  3. Satisfying results: One of the most significant benefits of BOTOX is that it provides satisfying results. Normally, patients can expect their health or cosmetic results to last around three months.

Adapting BOTOX to Your Needs

When you visit our office for the first time, we'll begin by asking you about your health or cosmetic goals. Do you want to remove crow's feet or other facial cosmetic imperfections? Are you suffering from temporomandibular disorder or TMD?

We'll also take the time to determine if you're a suitable candidate for BOTOX. Once you've been cleared for treatment, our team will use your goals to create your personalized treatment plan that outlines details like how many injections are necessary and a long-term projection of your situation.

Some of the problems we can address with BOTOX treatment include the following:

TMD & Migraines: One of the most popular and safe applications for BOTOX is treating TMD pain and migraines. By applying BOTOX to your strained facial muscles, it can relieve tension caused by teeth grinding or other forms of stress. We'll administer injections in your facial muscles, jaws, forehead, and temples to help address your pain.

Wrinkles & Smile Lines: As you age, you naturally develop wrinkles and smile lines. Additionally, factors like tobacco use and sun exposure can accelerate wrinkling. BOTOX provides you with a simple and effective way to smooth wrinkles and create a more youthful appearance.


It's normal to have various questions about our Fort Walton Beach BOTOX treatment. Our team is here to answer your questions and give you the information you need to make confident decisions about your health. Some frequently asked questions about BOTOX include the following:

Do BOTOX injections hurt?
It's normal to feel minimal discomfort during the injection process. Additionally, BOTOX treatment does not require anesthesia, and you can expect any discomfort to go away soon following treatment.

Is any preparation necessary for BOTOX treatment?
We may advise that you not consume alcohol or take certain medications, like aspirin, leading up to your appointment. Following our instructions can help reduce the chance of you developing certain side effects.

Is BOTOX safe?
BOTOX is a safe and FDA-approved treatment. Our team has provided BOTOX for years and you can count on our team to ensure your safety during your appointment.

Gentle & Effective BOTOX Injections

At Personal Care Family Dentistry, we're privileged to provide skilled For Walton Beach BOTOX treatment. Whether you're dealing with severe tension headaches or cosmetic challenges like crow's feet, our team can leverage BOTOX to address your needs. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment with our experienced and friendly team!


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